Tutorial: Dictionary Plugins

Dictionary Plugins

The dictionaries are a number of strings describing how to format and indent output in different markup languages. Built-in are the HTML and plain text formatting dictionaries. They can be added like this:

Cite.plugins.dict.add(lang, {
  key: ['start', 'end']

Or with General Plugins, ref being the plugin name:

Cite.plugins.add(ref, {
  dict: {
    lang: {
      key: ['start', 'end']


Option Description
lang Language
key See below


Markup language.


A number of keys describing certain formatting things. Standard are:

Key Describing HTML Example
bibliographyContainer Main container <div> and </div>
entry Entry container <div> and </div>
list List container <ul> and </ul>
listItem Item container <li> and </li>

Lists being lists of props for example, in the case of JSON.